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External bell for new phone line

Settling in


Ive been switched over to the new digital line. I have lost the use of my old analog external ringer.

Our business is a loud factory and we are missing incoming calls if no one is in the office

Is there anyway to solve this problem


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @wattonj 👋.

Thanks for reaching out to us, apologies that you are having issues with your external bell no longer being linked to the new digital voice switchover, with you being a business, we would advise reaching out to Virgin Business to see if there is anything in place to facilitate your needs, as a residential forum we do not have anything In place to assist you. 

They are contactable here 📞 0800 052 0800.

I hope this helps.



Extend the cable from the bell to the VM Hub, use an RJ11 or a BT splitter to enable the bell and office phone to be connected at the same time.

Alessandro Volta

if the ringer has an RJ11 connection get an RJ11 splitter and a length of RJ11 cable and connect as per this diagram.


                             |--- RJ11 to ringer
--- hub --- RJ11 splitter ---|--- RJ11 to BT adapter to handset


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