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Change landline from business to residential?

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I've seen from other posts that many others are having this issue. My elderly mother has spent over an hour on the phone in an attempt to resolve this issue. She has been a virgin customer for over 19 years however (its renewal time) and wants to get virgin tv installed. Once again, she has been told this is not possible due to the address being registered as a business. 

I know that it is possible for this to be changed, however for some reason nobody has been able to resolve it. Please can someone contact me so I can provide the details and for them to arrange a call directly with her.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Jimbryno

Thank you for your post and welcome to our community forums. We're here to help.

I'm sorry to hear that your mother is having some trouble with her landline account. To clarify, are you saying that this is a Virgin Media Business account? If so, have you discussed this with Virgin Media Business directly on 0800 052 0800? What have they advised?



Zach - Forum Team
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Hi Zach, no it is definitely a residential account and has never been a business account. For some reason (probably because my dad was self employed many many years ago) the landline is registered as a business number. All that she needs to happen is for that to be changed to a residential number but nobody seems to be able to help. 

Thanks for confirming, as this number was registered to a business you'd need to contact the business team on the number provided. They'll be best suited to have this resolved.



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Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @Jimbryno 

It would be VM Business that needs contacting first as the systems don't allow a straight transfer from business to domestic.  VM Business would need to cancel the account and they would need to determine if there would be any early disconnection fees due (very unlikely)

They would also need to double check that your mum is in VM francise area as some of the older business accounts operate over leased lines via the Openreach infrastructure, and VM aren't able to operate TV services in those areas. They should also be able ensure the phone number is ported across if your mum wants to keep that number.

On the domestic side the Sales team on 0800 183 1234 should be able to set up a new domestic account.

I hope he doesn't mind me doing this but I'm flagging @VM-Jon  to have a look at this and see if he can help in any way (he's an install manager so may be able liaise)

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Hi both, so the business team couldn't help her and someone called Ian (from another team) promised her a call back, which unsurprisingly at this point never happened. We're up to three hours on the phone now trying to sort this out but nobody is able to.

All she wants to do is have virgin TV, she has phone and broadband currently so I cannot see what the problem is. We look up her address on the postcode checker and every other address bar hers, shows up. Her contract is up Wednesday next week and she is on holiday now until Monday evening. Can someone please explain to me why this is such a difficult issue to resolve (or get someone on the phone).

Hey @Jimbryno,

Sorry to hear this, can you confirm what the Business team said with regards to this as to why they were unable to help further with this?


Hi Joe, they said that the number isn't registered to a business and that they couldn't understand why a TV package wasn't available when phone and broadband is. That's when my mum was transfered to Ian and promised a call back, which hasn't happened.

All she wants is a TV and broadband package, not just phone and broadband but nobody can explain why that isn't possible. I am more than happy to provide her name and postcode via a DM if that would help matters.

Hi @Jimbryno 👋.

Thanks for the update, it does appear that we need to check this out further. Please, let's go into a private message and get some details from you. 


Alessandro Volta

What made you think that the landline is registered as a business number? Is it an entry in the monthly bill?

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