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high ping when gaming

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im an m500 customer currently using the media hub 3 in modem mode with an asus rog strix gs-ax5400 router i play with a wired connection but am experiencing un playable levels of ping in game at any time of the day. outside of gaming everything seems to run fine downloads are quick and video streams without buffering etc. i have spoken to support about the problem but they run a speed test and tell me everything is fine so im hoping someone here can help as im about ready to cancel and go elsewhere. thanks in advance.


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That's where, hopefully, the UK team with help (They can check on your behalf).

See where this Helpful Answer was posted


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Create a BQM here and post the live link (Ensure your Asus allows 'Respond ICMP Echo (ping) Request from WAN' under firewall options.).

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Oof that's not looking good already!

We'll need to leave it going for a while (Doesn't affect your internet connection) to see a couple of hours worth of data.

Have you checked the site for issues?

Run the 'Still having issues?' option if it says no faults.

just ran the Still having issues option and its saying looks like there are issues in your postcode affecting your service. this is an ongoing problem off and on which seems to be becoming more frequent is this likely to be the only issue here?

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Local area issues can cause what you are experiencing, however you can never tell how quickly they will be resolved.

It could be oversubscription which can take months to resolve, or something as 'simple' as faulty hardware in a local cabinet which could take 48 hours to resolve.

i appreciate the help got any reccomendations for a different isp as recently my experience with virgin has been miserable

What options are available in your area?

Any FTTP connectivity?


FTTP not yet available unfortunately. would be a lot less hassle if virgin would fix things rather than telling me everything is ok

You'll get a reply from the UK team on here, however it can take a few days (Your connection really isn't looking good :().