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Speeds fluctuating between 0.5 and 260?

Joining in

At a loss here. BQM shows nothing out of the ordinary. Speeds are fine until they suddenly aren't. Can't find any faults in the area/nothing showing up on Google. 

Every 5-10 minutes the Internet just practically drops. Also massive ping spikes when this occurs. Doing Internet speed tests via AC86U as the hub is in modem mode (and...hasn't really let me login to the router page in over a year lmao). Also nothing out of the ordinary showing up in the system log. It's been doing this consistently for the last 3-ish hours.

It did this last week too. Could this be a Virgin issue or more likely to be the AC86U?

Link to BQM 


Alessandro Volta

Have you tried other devices?

connect PC to modem mode reboot the hub or if you can copy your AC86U WAN MAC to PC NIC no reboot needed and test


Yeah, when the speed cuts, everything on the network is affected (we have all our devices running through the AC86U). 

Just did the old "off and on again" and that allowed me to login to the Hub. Nothing out of the ordinary in the technical log (just a wrong password from yours truly and stuff from days ago). I have the Upstream/Downstream logs if those are needed. 

Playing "wait and see" with the router now, hopefully a quick reboot is all that was needed. Though how long the Hub will let me access it is anyone's guess. 

I'm telling ya, this Hub 3 is cursed. 

Alessandro Volta

@Broshida wrote:

Just did the old "off and on again" and that allowed me to login to the Hub.

 Your BQM does not show this?


It was showing on the BQM about 10 minutes after I restarted it, but yeah, now it's disappeared. I have no idea how that happened. 

Still everything seems like it's back to normal for now? Keeping an eye on it. 

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

AFAIK VM do suggest a hub reboot at least once a week. 

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