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Packet loss

Tuning in

I have this same packet loss for probably over 2 months + and it's annoying since in gaming it will freeze up on me at the worst possible time. Any ideas?

Had an engineer come in roughly 3 weeks ago and fixed up a cable outside but it didn't help. He also said that he will get me the new hub delivered as I currently got the hub 4 so it might "help". Next week it never arrived so I called and apparently it was never scheduled for a delivery so in that call they "scheduled" a hub delivery and here we are with no hub delivered to this day.

I am probably just going to wait out the contract and swap ISP at this point as clearly this is just a mess and this ain't the first time this happened.



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Xandi,

Thank you for your post. We're sorry to hear about the issues with your broadband service. 

We can certainly take a look into this for you. I will private message you now to confirm your details.