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PS5 low upload speed and I intermittent download speed

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My ps5 is Suffering on virginmedia making it extremely frustrating to play, speed tests on ps5 show uploads between 3-12mbps. Downloads fluctuate between 750-950mbps but with the odd test less than 100mbps.

I have used two different cat6 ethernet cables provided by your engineer but it still happens, the PS5 is less than 6 foot away from the router.

Hub speed is always good


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Cainy_1998

Thanks for your post and welcome to our community.

We're sorry to hear you're having some issues with the service. 

Are any other devices affected or is this just when using the PS5?

Is this device connected directly to the hub?

Please pop back to us when you can. 

Vikki - Forum Team

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This is only affecting ps5.

All other devices disconnected when trying to game, I have ports forwarded and using ethernet.

If I run speed test from 6am I get uploads creeping up from 3-20mbps gradually until they reach 60-70mbps, they stay around there untill they drop off at around 10am when they will go back down to 3-20mbps untill the next morning. These few hours in the morning are the only time I can actually get decent gameplay and even then It still plays badly sometimes. All other hours of day/night I may as well not try to play.

Any other speed test I do runs fine, it only affects ps5

Engineer has been here and I have had my hub5 replaced but the problem persists. Samknows real speeds test shows no drop on upload/download and ping and jitter are really low.

When on ps5 the game shows a low ping of 15-25ms but they play like 300ms

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Sorry yes, ps5 connected straight to the hub, no 3rd party routers used

Hi Cainy_1998, 

Thanks for coming back and confirming things for us. 

As everything else is running right and you're getting the right speeds, it does suggest that this is an issue with the PS5 itself. It may be related to software or programming running on it or may be related to the game your playing. 

With the hub being replaced, this would rule out a faulty hub and given that it's working as it should be on other devices, this also rules out a network/cabling issue. 

There may be some other settings that could be utilised on the PS5 however as it's a device issue, this isn't something we can support with. Other members of the community are free to jump in to offer some help on this. 

If you start to notice issues creeping in on other devices, pop back and let us know. 


Forum Team

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I've been keeping an eye this because I've been having the same issue with low speeds on PS5 since upgrading to 1gb around 2 months ago. 

Sam knows on the vm connect app is saying 1145 down 115 up yet ps5 is usually 850 down and 5-10 up (tried at 4am one morning, 890 down and 60 up).

I don't have any other devices that can hit these speeds

I'm curious what these ps5 settings are?

Surely someone at Gaming Support has an answer?

I know 2 people on 1gb from BT and they are getting the speeds they pay for on their console without changing settings so I'm not entire convinced that is the issue.