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emaill error

Dialled in

hi there am getting this message in outlook, never had an issue before, receiving email not sending any ideas pleasePublication1 (2).jpg


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello andy1494.

Thanks for bringing this email error to our attention.

As you have double posted I've checked the error message on the other thread here 

From what I can see you are using Outlook. Are you able to see if your can send the same mail though your online account?

The error message indicates your account has dropped from our server which we can take a look at. 


Hi Gareth, I can on line to myself it work or did this morning,  an app on my phone it can, but on two different ms office on laptop and my pc, I tried calling vm this morning soon as they tried to put me through for assistance it cut me off.

On both it set up as pop3.blueyonder

Smtp. The same I had these settings for many years now



Thank you for this information @andy1494 

On this laptop and PC, are you accessing webmail via this link or via a third-party app or web site? Do you get the same issue when using a different browser or incognito mode? Can you also let us know when this issue first occurred?


Forum Team

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