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Webmail - forbidden - AppPassword Reset

Tuning in

I, as do many others in this forum regularly suffer from the webmail lockout issue which also prevents the sending of email via POP3 clients suck as Outlook. As other posts highlight, to resolve this issue you have to reset your app password and also paste this into your email client which I do every time it happens. I've had to do this twice within the last 7 days and it's becoming annoying.

Questions for VirginMedia.

1. Why do these lockouts happen, what events cause your webmail access to be blocked so you need to reset your app password?

2. What steps are being taken by VirginMedia to prevent the above or provide more information to users as to why it happens and what they can do if anything to prevent it?

When away from my Outlook client I'm logged in to my webmail from 9 to 5pm Mon - Fri and to have it suddenly lock you out with a note to translate the page into some random language is frustrating hence the requirement to understand why it happens.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Thanks for your post @mrawlings99, and welcome back to our Community Forums!

Sorry to hear of the recent frustrations with our E-Mail address when attempting to utilise this via a third party application.

During these periods of non-access, has the E-Mail account been available for all functions via our webmail platform?



Hi David,

I think you maybe misunderstanding my post. During these periods of lockout you're able to access your emails via third party clients such as MS Outlook but for incoming only as the SMTP sending relies on the app password for it authentication. During lockout, accessing your webmail service is totally unavailable.

My question therefore is still valid, why do these lockouts continue to happen and in my case twice in the last 7 days?


Hi mrawlings99,

We are sorry that the lock outs occurred, there are many things which can cause this from hacking attempts to Spam email being detected, we can only apologise, is this now back up and running?




Hi Paul,

All is working for now but it's understanding root cause and what if anything I can do to prevent it from keep happening? Seems from the forum that I'm not the only one being affected and seems to have got worse since the forcing to use another (non virgin email) to authenticate the accounts.


Hi Paul

Your message seemed to have tempted fate as at approx 5.20pm on 23/04/24 I suffered another lockout (webmail went offline and unable to send any mail using Outlook client) and had to once again reset my app password. This is becoming more frequent and really needs understanding, measures put in place to stop this negative customer experience. Can you get the technical team to respond please.


Hi @mrawlings99,

Apologies. Is this ongoing today? Can you clarify how you're accessing and using the affected email account(s)? For example, are you using any kind of VPN?


Zach - Forum Team
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Hi Zach,

If you mean am I still locked out then that's a no as I know an app password reset solves it so I perform that straightaway so currently it's working and I'm able to access my mail as normal. If you mean are the lockouts still happening, yes they are, 3 times this week so far.

I access my mail through Outlook 365 client running on Win 10 PC which polls for new mail using POP3 every 15 mins. Sending of mail is the same but done through SMTP and sends immediately. When I'm away from my PC then I have Virgin Webmail open through the Virgin Media site on Chrome (no 3rd party App) generally on my work Win 11 laptop which does use a VPN when remote but not when in the office. Lockouts occur randomly sometimes overnight when webmail isn't connected.

I hope that helps your techs answer the question for me and many others.

Has there been anymore lock outs since your last post?


Thankfully not but it is only first thing on Monday.

Are we anywhere near understanding root cause?