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Unable to set up Ntlworld email on 3rd party app on iPad

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I am having issues trying to link my Ntlworld email address to the mail app or outlook app on my iPad. I had previously managed to link the account up successfully, but I ran into a problem where messages would not send so I decided to unlink the account and then set it up again to try and resolve the problem. However, now when I try to link up the account, I get the error message:

No password provided for "Ntlworld". Please go to Mail Account Settings and enter a password.

The password I used is correct as I am still able to use it to log into my emails on the browser.

I have read elsewhere that I may need to generate a new App password in my Virgin Media account in order to link up my email to a 3rd party app. However, when I tried to do this, it asks for a non-Virgin Media email to send the new app password to. I entered an alternative email address and nothing happened - it jsut sent me back to the original screen.

Has anyone encountered a similar issue and know how to resolve it?

Many thanks.


Alessandro Volta

You need to use the non VM email address set up in your MVM account. 

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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey mjw123, thank you for reaching out and a very warm welcome to the community I am so sorry to hear about this.

Did the advice below help at all?

Also what IOS is the ipad on? 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?