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Unable to log into my account

Joining in

I am unable to log into or change my password, please help!


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi London613 👋 Welcome back to the community! Thanks for posting. 

Sorry to hear you are having some difficulties accessing your account. 

We first need to check you are a customer with active services? (Just as we are only able to offer support with access for customers with active services). 

If you are a former account holder, your email services should become de-activated after 90 days of terminating services. On rare occasions it can take a little longer than this, but we always advise 90 days or your account can become deactivated at any time. - This is due to the email account being 'orphaned' (Not linked with an active parent account) Which is needed to manage My VM access, and passwords. 

You can find more general information about managing email via our service here 👉 How to manage my email account | Virgin Media Help and orphaned email accounts 👉 Orphan Email accounts - Virgin Media Community - 3492073

Just let us know about your customer status and we will be happy to offer further support if needed! Thanks for your patience in the meantime. 🌞