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The connection for this site is not secure

Joining in

Each month I have to submit data to a commissioner via their secure messaging site. The link is sent to me in an email, and I click on it. However, if I try to use the link from  home I get a message saying that the site isn't secure.  

The link is sent to both an outlook email address and to a gmail address - but neither work on my VM wifi.  I've opened the emails in both Edge and Chrome - and have tried another laptop; I've even tried a vpn -  but still have no joy.  I can't access it either from my phone

I can access the link with no problems from work - but as I worked from home until March this year, and was able to send the report using the emailed link, I can only think that the issue is something to do with my router.

Any brains out there that can help, please?

Thank you



Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Issue is likely due to Web Safe's Child Safe feature. To workaround the issue either:

If the issue persist then consider posting just the domain of the URL the commissioner is sending; do not post post the full URL.

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