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Resetting password

Settling in

I have a email address where I need to reset the password due to security concerns. I have tried to reset it via the virgin media web site and also by calling technical support. When I use the online password reset feature it goes to a page that asks me to verify my identify and then says that I must create a new e-mail address.

Obviously I don't want to create a new email address as I need to retain the use of and access to my current email address which is tied to many web site accounts. Is there a way to reset the password without creating a new e-mail address? Or will I have to create a new email address and change all of my internet accounts to reference it?



Settling in

An addition:

The web site says: In order to improve security for our customers we’re introducing something called Multifactor Authentication across our online and app services.

This means that when you sign in and we need to verify your identity, we’ll send a one-time passcode to your email address to check that it’s you trying to sign in. You’ll then just need to pop in that code, and you’ll then be able to sign in and continue your journey.

Since we send this one-time passcode to an email address, for security reasons we need to send it to a non-Virgin Media email address. That’s why, if you use an email address that ends in, or to sign in, we’re asking you to update it to a third-party email address.

What I need to know is, if after signing in with a new email address and presumably resetting the password, will my old blueyonder account still be available? I am loathe to try it just in case it wipes my existing blueyonder account completely and replaces it with a new email address.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

All you are changing is the username that you sign into your My Virgin Media account with.  The third party email username is also used to sign into webmail.

Your underlying blueyonder email address will continue to operate as normal.  The only change is how you access it.



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