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Resetting Blueyonder email password

Joining in

I think this is different to all other email passwrd resets

I am helping a (elderly) friend set up a new compter and trying to get their emails on it.

They still have access to their emails on their phone but can't remember the password.

They are no longer a virgin media customer as they have moved to Ireland, and they don't know their old account number (etc).

Is there any way to find out their email password or reset it?

Thanks for your help


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @justaskspike 

Thanks for posting and welcome to the community.

Sorry to hear of your friends email issue. If they are no longer a customer, it's possible the email has been deleted.

If you can get your friend to post on our Community Forums (as this is an account holder only action) we can check this for them :).

Forum Team

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