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Re: Email not sending in Outlook

Tuning in

I have the same issue and am going round in circles

I followed the instructions and sent in the netreport and got a reply



Please reset your mailbox password to somet! hing new and unused, then re-login to the mailbox with the new credential. Please also try Ticking the box "My server requires authorisation" within the "Servers" tab in your mailbox settings. With the ports 576 or 465.

Virgin Media

I tried to follow the instructions but all I ended up achieving was to change the email addy I log in to VM mail online with; never got near the bit's I needed to change.

I have mailed back via the form twice and had no reply

I have installed Mailbird on one of my laptops and that sends + receives fine but I have 20 years of mails in outlook in folders and I really woud like it to send mails again if possible.

Any help greatly appreciated.


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Alessandro Volta

See the information from @coenoby about changing settings in Outlook

and the MS link therein on how to do it.

If you have recently provided a third party email to VM you may need to use an app password with Outlook as per info below

Tuning in

I have the same problem. Outlook receives mails but will not send. I did the netreport and got a reply asking me to reset my mailbox password to something new and then re log in. I assumed this was to be done in VM mail online and not in outlook? Anyway, it was a disaster. All I managed to do was change the email addy I use to log in to VM mail and never got anywhere near the settings that needed changing. Couldn't find them. I replied to the report twice but haven't had a response for over a week. I've installed mailbird on 1 of my laptops and that receives and sends virgin mail without issue. Not sure what to do next

Alessandro Volta

Have you read the link to coenoby's post above? That shows you the settings in Outlook that need updating and also links to Microsoft on how to do that in Outlook

If you have had to update to a third party email address with VM, you will need to set up an app password to use with Outlook.

See this reply

where I have tried to outline my understanding of all of VM's email changes (may not be entirely and perfectly correct as I am still trying to understand all the changes myself!)

I have had 3 1 hour conversations with VM technical support. They called me back today and passed me to the Gadget Team, they couldn't help either and passed me to an american; he was just starting to help when someone else broke in to the conversation and then the line wen't dead. 3 weeks sgo I couldn't send mail in outlook 2003, now I cannot log in to it at all and we've reset the pasword 4 times.

What I would like is for someone to log in to my PC from VM and just fix it.

Tuning in

I've just installed Mailbird using the same "set of 4" password we generated with VM support today and it works. It send's and receives. So the issue is with Outlook 2003 settings. I may heve to give up with Outlook 2003 and just use Mailbird instead.

Alessandro Volta

Support for Outlook 2003 ended in 2014. Swapping to a current/supported email client would only be a benefit.

Now you have regained access to the email address, moving your email requirements to a third-party provider, and away from VM, would also be beneficial because you will inevitably have problems with VM email again in the future. VM is simply not capable of running/supporting its email service so that it works reliably and securely as demonstrated by the never-ending topics on here.