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Outlook will no longer connect to IMAP

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For some reason, my Outlook in Windows 10 will no longer connect to the VM IMAP server. It keeps saying username or password incorrect. However, the same username and password work fine on Webmail, on my Android phone and my Kindle tablet and I've made no changes to my Outlook settings. Fortunately, I can still read and send emails using those, but it is annoying not be be able to use Outlook.

This was after a Windows update, but that may be unrelated.  Has anyone else had anything similar?



Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hey @Etherow,

Welcome back to the Community Forums and thanks for the post.

Sorry to hear of the issue faced, can you confirm with this as stated above, is it only on the 1 Windows 10 device that you seem to be having this issue with Outlook?


On our wavelength

Outlook requires a special  'APP' password available from your virgin account pages bla bla bla.

Bottom line: It's ****ed I - and about everyother poster here - have been trying to get a 'password' but just get stuck in a loop - changing email account and password without ever getting the magic bloody 'APP password'

Perhaps it requires legal action?


Following these steps should allow for a new password to be generated:


  • Sign in to My Virgin Media
  • Go to Account settings, then Account details
  • Tap Manage next to Manage your Virgin Media Mail app password under Virgin Media Mail
  • Then, under Virgin Media Mail app password tap Get password
  • Continue the flow and a new secure password will be generated, and the mailbox unlocked
  • Update any third-party apps that may be use to access your Virgin Media Mail emails with this new app password.


On our wavelength

Thanks. However, to do this, the system tells me I need to have a non-VM email address.  I don't have one and really don't want one. I know how to create one, but I don't want to use an address for anything other than my ntlworld address.

Hi Etherow,

You will need to set up a non Virgin email for the purpose of signing in, this is the process you need to follow.