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Ntlworld email account still active needs closing

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I have a problem with an old ntlworld account still being active 10 years after I ended my virgin service and moved away. I cannot access my old virgin media account and am told it doesn’t exist so I can’t close the email down. The email account has been comprehensively hacked and is spamming. 
How can I get it shut down



Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

@clarec246 wrote:

How can I get it shut down

The Forum Team (VM staff who support this forum) can arrange for that to happen.One of the team will contavt you via this forum thread in the next day or so.

One tip for you. When you are advised  that the account has been deleted you should double check that by sending a test email to that email account. Make sure that you receive a "message could not be delivered" error back. I say that because sometimes the VM deletion process does not complete leaving the mailbox still able to receive emails. That may well be the current situation with your VM email account.

And a second point: Spammers can easily spoof (fake) the "from" address on their spam emails. So it may be that these spam emails only appear to come from your email account.

If they are spoofing your email address even closing your email account will not stop them sending these spam emails  because, in that case,  the emails are not actually being sent from your account. However, most email services will flag these spoofed as spam and some will block them altogether.

Keep an eye out for a reply from the Forum Team.


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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey @clarec246,

Welcome back to the Community Forums and thanks for thep ost.

Sorry to hear you have been having this issue with your email address, for me to go about processing its Closure through the system, I will need to go about confirming some information from you via a private message.