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Not receiving emails from

Tuning in

Since sometime yesterday (19 Sept) I have stopped receiving all emails from all the groups on I subscribe to.

Some posts appear in Bounces on my account on  e.g. 421 MXIN107 Connections from your IP have been disallowed by admin policy. ;id=ix4JqAZVrJymN;sid=ix4JqAZVrJymN;mta=mx1-prd-nl1-vmo;d=20230920;t=151639[CET];ipsrc=;

Does this mean Virgin Media is blocking emails from in error and how do I get them to stop blocking them? The messages are not being blocked by other mail providers apparently.



Accepted Solutions

Hello everyone. It's me again 🙂

The team have advised they are attempting a temporary fix at their side today to see if this resolves the issue and will monitor this further. 

Please do let me know if this fix has worked for you or if you're still seeing the 'IP exceeded' error and I'll feed this back to the team. 

Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent

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Up to speed

Same here , all my emails have stopped from IO Groups from the 19th and can not log in to IO Groups, says my password is wrong.

When I try to reset password I do not receive the reset email, would appreciate any help to resolve


Regards Ian

Dialled in

And me also.  I have received mails about the Football League club I follow for many, many years from an group ... suddenly stopped sometime on Tuesday.   Admin has deleted and re-added my ntl account, and in addition a gmail one.   Invite received on gmail, nowhere to be found on ntlworld.

I also got a message saying my email or password was incorrect when I attempted to log into my account Ian. And I know the password hasn't changed!  Cheers, Alan

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there @AlpenDX 

Thank you so much for your post and welcome back to the community forums, it's great to have you here. 

I am so sorry that you have faced this issue, can I ask if you have been able to try on another browser besides Edge at all? 

Up to speed

I just use the one from My Virgin media, started to get the odd post from IO Groups but only a very small percentage of posts, Eventually received a RESET password from IO Groups. Time this got sorted

Not received any emails at all from any of my today. I am using the web interface in the mean time. Reported the problem to Virgin Media customer telephone support but the problem remains. Hope this can be fixed?

Tuning in

I phoned Virgin Media on 150 and eventually got the lady in the call centre to raise a ticket to their technical team in the UK. Quoted time of 5 working days. I have the IP addresses that seem to be blacklisted by Virgin Media that they need to whitelist. Hopefully can get to speak to someone who understands what the problem is and fix it.

It's not the browser that is the problem. It is Virgin Media blocking the many daily messages we receive from IP addresses since Tuesday. The messages reach non-Virgin email addresses no problem, but Virgin seem to have blacklisted these. I have raised a ticket with Virgin after phoning 150.

Agree, I think they are bouncing at the Virgin Media end, weird how I am getting the odd one, so the link is still good, someting to do with the VM firewall change as you said. Thanks for you input,.