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Need to change password on Blueyonder email

On our wavelength

Hi, hope someone can help.

I am an ex VM customer. 

When I left, I was told my email addresses would be deleted in 90 days.

5 years later they havent been, but hackers have now got access to my Blueyonder email address and the password.

VM no longer gives me the facility to log on and change the password, but has left the email account active.

This means hacker is trying to gain access to other online accounts etc by exploiting their access to my email account. 

How can I change the password on my Blueyonder email address or even just completely disable/delete the email address?


On our wavelength

Hi, sorry to bump but really need help on this ASAP.  Those who have accessed my VM email are using it to reset password and take over various other accounts.  I urgently need to change the password or just completely close this email so it can no longer be used.



On our wavelength

So I emailed the data protection officer of virgin media and told them I'd sue them for any losses I incurred due to them failing to secure my data on their servers. They have no disabled the email address for me.

It's absolutely incredible that VM have a system where you can't secure your own data.  I had an email address with no facility to change the password.