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My wife cannot acces her @ntlworld email account

Tuning in


My wife cannot access her email account.

This is a secondary account , as Im the main account holder.

I used to be able to log in and change the password easily, now I cant, it only gives me the option to delete the account.

Whats going on Virgin. this used to be a good company, now it seems its going to pot


Hi Lee

@Graham_A  saved the day, thanks to all involved

That's fantastic news @Allymcnab1 🙂 Remember, if you ever need assistance in the future, our fantastic community and forum team are always willing to lend a hand. Please bear in mind, you can manage your account from here. Your online account, will give you access to your bills, show your package details, diagnose any possible faults and monitor any orders and appointments you may have. 


Tuning in

Seems loads are now suffering my wife can’t access her account on phone

Hello wmc711,

Welcome back to the community and thanks for taking the time to post. I’m sorry to hear of the issues that you’re wife is having with her email.

Is your wife having issues trying to access her email account via our webmail service or via an email application such as Outlook? If the issues are with an email application, please can you ask your wife to login via webmail to see if there are any issues with the mailbox via that method? 

Kind Regards,