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Migration from old NTLWorld to New Email Address

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I am in the process of moving my email address away from NTLWorld. I thought I would start in a small way and just change a couple of less important log-ins that were associated with my old VM address to my new one.

All was going well.

I then changed my Amazon log in. No Problem changing it…but… when I attempted to make a purchase the transaction failed ....Can't remember the exact message, but something like an error in banking authentication. 

I changed the email address back to my old NTLWorld email address and the purchase went through OK.

At this stage I had NOT updated my bank details with my new email address… so I am assuming that if I had updated both Amazon and my bank then the purchase would have worked (I think).

Question I have is.. I did not think that an email address was a part of the bank verification process for making a purchase (but obviously it is… at least for Amazon). Just wondered if anyone has hit this issue before and if so does it affect any direct debit transactions. Like for instance, suppose I update my bank details with a new email address, but forget to change the email address on my council tax… would that fail the authentication for the transaction?

Just trying to clear a small path through this little minefield if anyone has had any experience of migrating their email address.




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Very Insightful Person


Banks and credit card companies do have a legal obligation comply with fraud-prevention rules, known as 'Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)', which requires them to ask customers to verify certain payments. That means that they have to hold up-to-date contact details for all their customers.

However, as far as I am aware those contact details are normally just telephone numbers, a mobile and/or a landline number for example. In my experience the verification process for online payments normally consists of either

  1. a text message containing a one time prompt verification code or
  2. an automated call to a landline that requires you to use your phone to key in the code that appears on your computer screen

Banks and credit card companies usually do hold your email address but as far as I know they do not use it to verify transactions. They just use it to advise you about your account (that your monthly account is ready for example) not to verify transactions.

I don't' use Amazon but I do have a number of online accounts. and I have update my email address several times over the years. I am certain that I must have online accounts where my sign in address is different to the one I have held by my bank and credit card company,

If you have problems with the verification of online payments, your first port of call needs to be the card issuer. It's the bank or credit card company who are verifying the payment not Amazon. Call them and quote the exact message that comes up when the payment fails.

The only other thing is whether you actually completed the update of you Amazon email address. Did you enter the code Amazon sent to your new email address as requested in their email? The update to your address is not complete until you have done that.


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