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Hidden email folders that do not appear in VM webmail client nor Outlook but does in Email app on mobile

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I have been having issues with VM emails ever since the crash in June 2023 and recently found some resolution with email folders reported on a separate post

However, the last problem I can't solve is that my email account seems to have folders that are not visible on the VM webmail client nor on Outlook, but on Email app in Samsung phone I can see the folders greyed out.

For example and see with screenshots provided:

  1. There is a folder 'BYOD Work (TEMP) folder' greyed out shown on Email app on phone
  2. If I were to go to VM webmail client in browser I do not see this folder
  3. If I proceed to create a folder in VM webmail client with the identical name it creates the folder with the name and a 1 added to it, i.e. 'BYOD Work (TEMP) 1', which means there is already a folder in existence hence whey 1 was added to the newly created one.

Screenshot_20240601_171832_Email (Small).png   Screenshot 2024-06-01 172852.png  Screenshot 2024-06-01 173144.png

I have many of these they of folders and want to know how I can resolve these so they show up and I can delete them.  They only show up on the mobile Email app but are greyed out and I cannot select to manage.

Seems the IMAP folders are more messed up since the VM crash - any insightful people who can help will be greatly appreciated, thanks.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Do you want this issue flagged to the forum team so they can arrange for these folders to be deleted?

FYI: these folders were created with their \Noselect attribute set and ordinarily should not be shown by the email client. The reason they are visible on some and not others is because the former have chosen to show all folders whether subscribed to or not — mostly observed when using clients that lack the functionality to manage folder subscriptions.

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