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Generate new App password

Joining in

I'm trying to set up my email in the new Outlook that is replacing Mail in Windows. I read somewhere here that I needed to go to my Virgin Media Account Settings and to 'Generate new App password'.

Having first changed (and verified) my login email address to a non-Virgin Media login when prompted, I now get the error: 'We couldn't verify your identity. Failed to create user in PingOne' when I try to generate the password.

Any help greatly appreciated.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there @Cabezon 

Thank you so much for your post and welcome to the community forums, it's great to have you here. 

I am so sorry that you have faced these issues with your service and thank you again for posting. 

Can I ask if you have been able to first check our online help page for email here

Hi there thanks for the response

I've checked the online help page but no solutions there I'm afraid.  I'm still able to access my emails at present via the VM website and the (Windows) Mail client but I'm still getting the same error when I try to generate a new app password.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person


Just to let you know, the problem you are seeing has not been reported very often on the forum.

I have escalated it to the forum admins and hopefully you should soon be getting some constructive help from the Forum Team. Keep an eye out for a reply on this thread and a Private Message from them,


I'm a Very Insightful Person, I'm here to share knowledge, I don't work for Virgin Media.

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Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi Cabezon 👋

Thanks for providing us with an update on this. I'm sorry to hear the help pages haven't assisted in getting this resolved. Based on the error you're receiving, we will need to raise this directly with our Technical Teams, to investigate our backend services further and assist in resolving this issue.

Please look out for my private message in the top-right, white envelope or by tapping your profile picture and then "Messages".


Reece - Forum Team

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Hi Reece, hope you can help. I am also getting the same error after I've changed and verified the alternative e-mail address. However, when I've tried to "Generate a new App password" I get this error message

We couldn’t verify your identity

Failed to create user in PingOne

Appreciate any other guidance to overcome this as well.


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I too an having a problem with GENERATE A NEW PASSWORD  and do not really understand what it means.

I have not been able to access any of my VM email accounts for 4 days, I was asked to generate a new password, I opened another  email account elsewhere which has now been confirmed, what happens if I add this password  to VM settings? Does this replace my current password in the Account holder section?, very confusing, can anyone help or explain, many thanks.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

The generated app password is only used for accessing email accounts via email clients/apps such as Thunderbird.

Generating an app password does not change the VM account password.


I'm a Very Insightful Person, I'm here to share knowledge, I don't work for Virgin Media, I'm a VM customer. There are no guarantees that my advice will work. Please read the FAQs
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I  have now managed to access my email account using a different browser, my current broswer has never given me any problems so  cannot understand what the problem has been, hope this is help to others.

Hi Alice
Thanks for letting us know that you're able to access your emails through a different browser and for also letting the community know to help anyone else experiencing the same issue. 
Please let us know if you are having any further issues or have any questions at all. We'll be here to help on the community forums if needed :). 

Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent