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Emails - still not restored - any fix available (quite distressing now)

Tuning in


is there anyone out there who can update what Virgin are doing to fix the e-mails access issues since their failed platform movements have obviously miserably failed in so many ways!


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there @Daisy70 

Thank you so much for your post and welcome back to the community forums, it's great to have you.

I am so sorry that you have faced this issue regarding your email, can I ask what exact issues you are facing and I'll be happy to advise further. 


I can event access my Virgin Media Account anyway now.  Emails including this one (primary) have not been accessible properly since platform move.  Lost count of calls for it to be sorted.  Email account details apparently out of date and I have referred to this in several phone calls and not one explained clearly what was required to sort it and what I would need to do.  No proper solution as to how I can access all the email accounts in one place like before through Virgin Media account.  Last option was to go into google, type which should take you to gmail, then somehow it would lead you to just one email address not all of them - not so!


Firstly, I need to access my Virgin Media account (the one for everything) as I'm told password does not work.  

Secondly, I need to contact Accounts/Contracts re unacceptable price hike now (only seen email advance notice today with payment due tomorrow in next few days - so urgent)

Thirdly, I can sometimes get into this email account and check received emails.  Was trying to include this as part of earlier phone call to Virgin for which I am still awaiting promised return call, but no others or the folders.   This has been typical for months - I just need to go into an app and access my emails daily for this email account and my others.  

Lastly - I cannot cope any longer with Virgin - which is so sad after being with them with a very long time, its too stressful and time consuming.


I want to gain full access to my old ntlworld, etc. emails (I was told this was possible) somehow and that old emails should still be there.