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Change Password of a secondary email from the primary account

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wonder if anyone else has had this experience - I have a primary account and secondary account and several other email accounts set up under the primary account holder for the family. 

the problem ii am having is  that if I log into my primary account and select - account settings - account details, I cannot find "manage other Virgin media accounts"  only access to the primary account.

if I log into my secondary email Account settings - account details - I can find manage other Virginmedia accounts. however although I can see the accounts it reports that I am not on the primary account so I can only delete them and not reset the password  which is what I am trying to do.


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I wonder if you have gotten the two accounts mixed up.

The ‘primary’ (main) account used to be able to fully manage ‘secondary accounts’ including resetting the passwords for them. About a year ago now VM made a number of significant changes to the way the accounts work, since then the primary account holder can only delete the secondary accounts, and other than that has no ability to reset passwords on them etc. Secondary accounts can’t even see the other accounts - which is why I suspect, somehow you have the primary and secondary accounts mixed up, because this perfectly explains what you are seeing.

Each email address ‘account’ now has its own login to manage it. So if you log in using the email address and password you want to manage, is there an option to change password for it?

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey richardcopeland, thank you for reaching out and I am so sorry to hear about this.

Did the above advice help at all?

Matt - Forum Team

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