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Can receive but not send emails

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We have used email addresses for many years- generally without any real problems.However a couple of days ago we discovered that we could receive, but not send, emails.Anything we want to send just goes to the Outbox on the sending device and lies there.

I had a long conversation with someone at Virgin today and he ended up by saying that the VIrgin router and service were working normally so it must be something in our device(s) which was causing the problem.I pointed out that this problem affected 6 email addresses- including two virginmedia ones- and 4 devices- an iPhone and IPad, an Acer laptop an HP PC.In terms of software running on these devices there was Outlook in the laptop and PC but not in the iPad or Iphone.The laptop has Windows 11 and the PC Windows 10- and the iPad and Iphone that the IOS systems.I cannot really see how if the router is working properly all the separate devices with separate software  could suddenly have a  common problem.


I have no reason to doubt that the devices are capable of working properly.I took my iPhone out onto the street and used the 4G link on it  to send an email from an ntlworld email address.


I do not know if anyone has had a similar problem,but would be very grateful for any suggestions as to how to sort the problem.


Many thanks.






Accepted Solutions

Virgin help line pushed me to Device Support too - they wanted a £9.99 per month charge to fix the issue. It was nothing to do with my devices, neither is your issue. It 100% sounds like your home Hub IP address has been blacklisted.

Please try the online form in my previous reply - it fixed things for me and loads of others and is free.


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I had this issue and it was an IP block on outgoing e-mail from my home Hub - you may have the same given you can send from a  phone using data.

I suspect you will also be able to send if you use the Web Mail App.

Have a look at the detailed error code generated when you try and send an e-mail via Outlook. It may mention an IP issue.

If it does, there's a quick fix using an online form (linked in loads of my replies to this board - but if you can't find it let me know and I'll re-post it).

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Very many thanks JC mac.When I get a message regarding the reason for the emails in the Outbox not going out it does refer to Outlook an can have  error codes which included (0x0800CCC0F) and ( x 800CCC67) .Very grateful if you could send me a copy of reply dealing with the online form?


What really puzzles me about all thsi is the problems seem to be related to the email providers like Outlook- but how does a similar problem arise with a number of different  competitors of Outlook?

It will happen to any e-mail sent via the Home Hub via third-party providers as the outgoing IP of the Hub address is listed (and blacklisted).

That's why using phone data is OK and why the Virgin Web Mail is OK (the outgoing address there is the central Virgin one, not your Hub).

To get this sorted:

  • go to :
  • select Email Sending Errors from drop down list
  • Other from drop down list
  • copy and paste the error message into  Log evidence field
  • enter your name into My name field
  • enter email address into Email address field
  • select Submit button

Was fixed within about 12 hours for me. Good luck.

On our wavelength

Many thanks for all the responses which I shall try to apply.However I am increasingly reluctant to accept that the problem is in my devices.

I went to my daughter's yesterday.She is a Virgin Customer and lives less that a mile away in another part of our community.

The Virgin router at her house immediately registered on my phone,I put  their password into my phone  and I could send and receive emails without any problem.

How can the problem be, as Virgin claim, with my devices or their set up when another of Virgin's own routers works with my phone without any problem?.


Virgin said that I could consult their consultants who would help me and just add the cost to my bill.I would hate to think that Virgin are telling me that the  problem is with my devices- just to generate work and income for their consultants

Virgin help line pushed me to Device Support too - they wanted a £9.99 per month charge to fix the issue. It was nothing to do with my devices, neither is your issue. It 100% sounds like your home Hub IP address has been blacklisted.

Please try the online form in my previous reply - it fixed things for me and loads of others and is free.


On our wavelength

Many thanks for continued help.I could not get my system to copy the error messages.I could highlight the error messages text but every time that I clicked on the highlighted area to take a copy, the error message disappeared!

As a result I have typed up what I believe the be an accurate text of the error messages , checked that and then put that in as the error mesage text.


I shall let you know what response that produces.



On our wavelength

Have just received an email from Virginmedia.invalid giving  a reference number for my report- so at least my attempt to copy the error text has not gone too wrong!


The email says that the contact is used for the purposes of reporting internet abuse committed by a Virgin Media IP Address or account and should not be used to seek technical support or customer services.



Hi @craibh, thank you for your posts.

We're sorry to hear about the problem you're having 😔

Just to check, has submitting the online form fixed the issue since your last post?

Please pop back to us at your earliest convenience.


On our wavelength

Daniel,Many thanks for your interest. I am afraid that it has not solved the problem.For some hours yesterday it looked as though our ability to send emails  had been restored but the service had not been fully restored because, as part of our contract, we had a second faster internet connection on the router and that disappeared and  was not restored yesterday.

.However this morning we discovered that, again, we could not send emails from my main email address . We can receive but not send and the faster channel has still not been restored.Very, very disappointing particulalry as I checked all my Ntl and Virggin email addresses with Spamhaus yesterday as Virgin suggested and they had no issues with any of them so that could not be a  reason for blacklistig me..


I think that , understandably , we are beginning to wonder if , like others we know, we have to assume that Virgin are not really interested in their email business.A sad state of affairs after being a customer for 20/30 years.Having said that, I have always found all of you  on this website very helpful.