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Virgin Media Van nuisance parking

Is there any way to report nuisance parking by virgin media employees? There is limited parking for my apartment block, and an employee (who drives multiple vehicles aside from the virgin media van) is continuously parking the van so that it takes up...

Losing the will

Ahh help me! Having the absolute worst experience I’ve ever had with Virgin. Please someone tell me how I can contact them to tell them:  their internet in Worthing is shocking - I regularly just cuts out their webchat/chat bot is by far the worst I’...

rldawson by Joining in
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Resolved! Legislation

Can someone advise me on whether VirginMedia hold themselves accountable under any of the following. Please advise which of the following legislation you do adhere to, which parts of the legislation you ignore, and what someone is able to do if you b...

dulede by Tuning in
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Community - Leaving Virgin Media

Well the time has come that we’re leaving virgin been a nitemare from day 1 internet shocking and a nitemare to contact them aswell thoroughly relieved bring on better wifi       [MOD EDIT: Subject title changed for clarity]

Moving House

I am moving house and wish to move my Virgin Broadband in Jan 23, However, I am presently working overseas and Virgin require me to call them but giving me a number that cannot be used from overseas.  Can I set the home move up online, or if not how ...

mjcope by Joining in
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Constant unwanted marketing calls

I am being bombarded by marketing calls. I have stated on every call that I am not interested and please do not call again. I have even tried blocking the number but found anonymous voice mails, which seems to be the same to be linked to this. When I...

Shaddy by On our wavelength
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I've just opened an account and uploaded a few videos.  I can't find any way to sort comments on them by date (or any other way); beats me why they send a notification about each comment when you can't find it among hundreds of them.Googling hasn't h...

Re: Not worth staying loyal

Hi - did Kyle Wink ever get back to you? We were advised to email him too but haven’t even had an acknowledgment - it’s been 2 weeks now! Doubting if he even exists!


A quick question and this might not be the right section but i couldent find store section.why are virgin charging 13.99 for the new hellraiser film and they say its digital copy, what does digital copy mean exactly.and amazon are charging 11.99 for ...

Dereklad by Fibre optic
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