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Wifi Pods

Like several other posts I am looking for help to request wifi pod(s). I have run a scan on the connect app, three rooms at the back of the house have fair to low signal. Initially it came up with a note that wifi pods may help..unfortunately I ignor...

VB2 by Just joined
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VM most complained about pay TV provider

According to official Ofcom stats published today Virgin Media attracted the most complaints about pay-TV. The main reason customers complained to Ofcom about Virgin Media was, unsurprisingly, due to complaints handling. Sky received the fewest pay-T...

Resolved! Where do I find a list of 'Forums'

I am new to Virgin Media Community.Is there a List of Forums and if so, how do I get to it from the Community Home Page? On my first visit to this Bulletin Board a read a thread which appeared to be in a forum with a name similar to Virgin Media Tele...

Am i entitled to a refund ?

Hi All, I was due to have a technician install my broadband on the 14th of April which has been delayed until the 26th April.It's quite difficult to reach someone on the phone, will i be entitled to a automatic-compensation refund the delayed days ?T...

Resolved! Has everyone received a price increase?

Hi We’ve not received any notification about a price rise (but have every previous year). Just wondering if we’re not getting one or if we’re just at the end of the notification list! 

Return Equipment

I was messaged last week requesting my old router and WiFi pod to be collected today (24th April) I replied and confirmed the date was OK and was told I would be contacted on the day with a time slot. It's now 5.30pm and I've had no contact with a ti...

Low awareness of low cost packages

More than half of low-income households are in the dark about bargain broadband deals that could save them around £200 a year, with just 5% of eligible households signed up to a discounted package according to Ofcom. VM 's low cost package. 

Another missing item

Why has yet another prepaid item gone MISSING, yet yodel are LYING about it being delivered at 1.40pm, when I was stood OUTSIDE my door at that precise time, and saw NO SUCH delivery van, driver, parcel nor paperwork, this is the 2nd time its happene...

JDE80 by Joining in
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Unable to use 02 priority app

I wasn’t sure where to post this but recently received an email from Virgin with a competition. It advised using the 02 priority app which I opened. I got the option to sign in with 02 or Virgin Media account. I chose VM but the app opens the log in ...