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Have been on here

I came to post a question and had reply for me to enter my account number before answer. Will there a problem asithink should have not done it

Monthly Bill

In January 2023 my monthly bill amonuted to £89.00 on an 18 month contract.In Janaury 2024 this has now come through at £111.00, an incrase of some 25%Nothing has changed and I can't recall receiving any notificatoin of such an increase, and while mu...

Resolved! replys

someone replyed to my post where do i find it  thanks

pippin2 by Joining in
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Black Screen

I have started to have a black screen appear for a second regardless of which channel I am watching. Happening quite regularly. Any ideas?

Divisionary Works

I am trying to get hold of the Divisionary Works team.The link on your website does not work: 404 | Virgin MediaI need to get hold of the Divisionary works team in the North West of England to advise I will be digging up a road soon and could do with...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Before we leave

Before we decide to leave VM can anyone tell us what is the smallest package although this year has been without doubt the worst one ever with VM including VM losing a lot of my emails the complaint ended up with VM paying my bill and now on top of a...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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