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basically getting robbed by virgin

Just joined

extremally unhappy with virgin media seem that you are not interested in keeping customers at all i pay £60 a month for the 500mb broadband (which its taken a year to get a fault resolved) no other services and have been seeing deals for new customer the same speed BB the maxit tv package weekend and evening calls and an o2 sim card for £49.99 a month thats £10 less than i pay for 1 service have called lots of time to see what can be done and even if my BB speed is lowered to the 250mb a month package with the maxit tv the price goes up to £71 a month, its only £210 to cancel the contact so that will be done today with a rival company doing a buy out and i will still be able to keep my price low when i renew with them virgin gone to the dogs good job Ofcom investigating them due to poor customer services and being the most complained about company


Alessandro Volta

If you are unhappy with the price and service from VM then you have done the right thing and cancelled for a better deal elsewhere.

Super solver

BTW who is the rival company buying you out of your £210 early disconnection fee? 

Cancel VM here
Complain to VM
Demand compensation from VM here
Demand your call recordings here
Monitor the state of your VM connection here

Dialled in

steffanjay  - Roger123 here again. I appreciate what you have said. I only joined Virgin Media on the 2nd October, 2023 and can only truly say that THIS IS THE BIGGEST MISTAKE IN MY LIFE!


So what's the problem then, if you're getting a better deal elsewhere and incurring no financial penalty,  surely that's a win. You could even say that virgin media have done you a favour because if they were a decent company,  potentially you wouldn't have looked elsewhere.