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What we're watching now...Continuing


The thread  'what are you watching now' was locked due to it's size and the thread continuing it by the moderator, was amalgamated and also locked. to access the old thread which is now read only

Original What are you watching now thread 

So this is a new thread with a slightly different Tittle.... Continuing....

Planet X appears to be hidden behind the Sun in our Solar System

What Made Spartans So Much Better At Fighting

INSANE AI Video Generator you can use NOW!

I Got Early Access to Suno's New AI Tool - Here's what I Did With It!

Udio's New Feature is a Gamechanger for AI Music 

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Harmed by Prescribed Medications: the Untold Story of Pharmaceutical

Sonos removes restriction on selling personal data in privacy policy &

Thornbury Hospital BRISTOL Urbex

Mesopotamian Gods Family Tree

Real Self Healing Iron Man Armor - Nanotech

京都橘高校吹奏楽部 ブルーメの丘2024

China Develops Hyper-Realistic Robots Capable of Emulating

Is the Intelligence-Explosion Near? A Reality Check.

Canon Rock - Jerry C cover by Laura Lace

Rockin' all over the world - Status Quo 1977 - written by John Fogerty 

🌟SuperStar : When I'm Sixty Four Line Dance

Oh! Carol by Neil Sedaka| Missioned Souls - a family band cover (lyric

ELO - Don't Bring Me Down Remix w/ Beautiful shuffle girls











Microsoft DISABLES Windows Recall After MASSIVE Public Backlash!

2022.10.30 島根県立出雲商業高等学校吹奏楽部/ゆめタウン出雲「出雲

2021.02.11 島根県立出雲商業高等学校吹奏楽部「Sing,Sing,Sing

(4K, 3機多視角)北一女樂儀旗隊 X 日本京都橘高校吹奏樂部 2023

Leaked SHOCKING UFO Encounters You Need To See Before They're


Pawn Stars: Top 7 PRICELESS Items!

Pawn Stars: 7 INSANELY HIGH APPRAISALS (Huge Profits For Rar

Surprise Evidence For a Major Solar System Encounter 3 Million Years

Insane Secrets the Government Doesn't Want You to Know About


2021.11.06 島根県立出雲商業高等学校吹奏楽部「Shut Up and Dance」全

Climate Change Violates Human Rights, Court Finds

🚨Government Borrowing Serves The Elite, US Economy Is In Trouble

What Happens If You Destroy A Black Hole?


Blaze Away – André Rieu (4K)

André Rieu live at Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna (Full Concert –

At last! Stereo Tefifon - a unique audio experience

New Episode | Day 3: Secrets of Wytch Farm | Time Team (Dorset