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Packaged and prices

On our wavelength

Just wondered what everyone is paying  I’m paying £85  

for big bundle

V6 box with mixit tv

1gig broadband

phone line with talk more evenings and weekends. 
 Personaly I think £85 is a joke so was just wondering what others have or what I could do to lower the price.
 Would like to have a decent internet still and still be able to record tv on the box



Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

What others are paying, is largely immaterial. What matters, is what prices you can get in your local area from competitors.

And then how good you are at negotiating with retentions.

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Still handy to know if others are paying less for a  similar package though. Then I could add that in the negotiation process. 

Up to speed

Well for me NOW..   99 pounds PM 250 mbps .. unlimited download internet .., unlimited phone calls to uk landlines as VM rules and mobiles UK .. no international calls but I use a different company for this..unlimited daily data I believe , telly no movies save free movies ,but sports sky TNT .. not HD .. normal UK progs ... I feel shafted looking at new customer rates for newbies etc .. so going up to 107 pounds in April ... then September 122 pounds ... WHY WORRY .. I will not be  A VM user then having cancelled and  currently found a brilliant deal half price .. less even than I must pay now .. I cannot wait to start with my new ISP ... especially as I will not have old cabling yes its nearly 40 years old  up my garden and in my house...since I started with telewest/blueyonder ..and then ditch my time expired superhub 2ac .. put in modem mode at the mo... I should really ditch VM now but they would stuff me until September ... just saying   😉

@Imortaltom wrote:

Still handy to know if others are paying less for a  similar package though. Then I could add that in the negotiation process. 

It might be interesting to know, yes; but as japitts, rightly says above, it's fairly irrelevant. For example I can get Community Fibre offering a 3 Gb/s (yes three) symmetric connection for £50 per month, my ex-wife is in a location where it's VM or, at best, an 50/20 Openreach connection. Now, if it came to it, which of us do you think VM will offer the better price to sign up?

I promise you that I understand where you are coming from, but realistically, when negotiating with VM (or any other provider), claiming 'what others are paying' is pointless. VM are fully aware of what other providers are available to you in your area and what they charge, they also know that changing providers is a hassle and a disincentive for people to do so unless the cost difference really makes it worth it.

So please, forget about what others are paying, even forget what your next door neighbour might be paying, it's all irrelevant. What does VM offer YOU as a customer and what will they charge YOU? Do you think it is worth it, yes or no?