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My VM landline was hi-jacked by a scammer!!!

Joining in

After just over a month of serious problems with my VM landline, messages left by unknown callers saying that I called them when I have not. I had to keep dis-connecting my landline, and re-connect when I wanted to make a call. Messages were being left on my VM Voicemail, came home this afternoon and there was 5 messages on the VM Voicemail. The first message said (an elderly woman)  '' I have decided not to transfer money from my bank''!  I was shocked to hear this! A scammer that has hi-jacked my VM landline number to scam people, asking to transfer money!!!  The implication could be so serious that the Police could incriminate the innocent person like me for being a scammer, very scary. Scammers are using highly advanced technology to even hi-jack peoples phones!  23 years I have had my landline number, and I will now loose it. VM are changing my number. Be careful all.  


Alessandro Volta

There are regular reports of this phenomenon on here, sadly. Your phone/line has not been hijacked. The scammers have simply noted down your landline number and have decided to use it as a fake caller ID when they make their scam calls

The scammers can program their phone systems to present any number they like when they dial out and make a scam call.

They often use the same dialling code as that of the victims to make it look like the victim is receiving a local call.

Usually the scammers change their fake caller ID regularly and the problem goes away on its own. You have been unlucky that the scammers have chosen to keep using your number.

Hopefully any replacement you get from VM will be free of further problems.

Thanks for reply. When I spoke to VM landline tech, he explained  that the scammers can use technology to copy any persons persons telephone number for their illegal use.  Not sure if this can be done with mobiles?  This was going on for about a month. My phone number could have been passed on to others scammers, maybe this is why it went on for so long?  Scammers are finding more ways than ever through technology to do this, and it is getting a lot worse.  AI and technology will eventually destroy this world. After hearing the message from the distressed elderly woman, I strongly feel this evil is starting to get the upper hand. This is not doom and gloom but fact. Not IF, but WHEN!