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Looking for a replacement brown plastic triangular dolly wall cover

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Dolly coverDolly cover


Hello all,

I am sorry if this is not posted in the correct part of the forum.

I am looking for a replacement brown plastic triangular dolly wall cover for some Virgin Media cabling. Mine was knocked off and is lost.

The cover is the exact same one as from the 'Missing cable protection cover' post made by user Seedub on 07/03/23.

Full disclosure: I am not currently a Virgin Media customer, but I wish to protect the cables for when I eventually rejoin VM in the future.

If anyone knows where I can buy one for non-silly money, or has a spare one knocking about, I'd be most grateful.

Thanks very much in advance for all useful help,


Community elder

Hi carl_pearce,

Thank you for kindly posting the link, I'd already checked eBay and found that particular item, but was put off by the £15 cost.  To be honest I was rather hoping that I wouldn't have to spend more than a few quid for a bit of plastic to guard currently unused cabling.  The original cover hadn't even been screwed to the wall by VM, it had simply been glued.

If anyone else spots one that's not expensive, I'd be very grateful if you could kindly let me know.

Thanks in advance for all help,