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Help!!!! Desperately need some help as the Complaints dept are utter useless

Tuning in

To cut a long story short, several years ago I did a DSR (subject access request) They mucked this up. I re did it and they would send, they never did. I requested gain and was told by VM that they can go back up to 2 years, it then transpires that the employees was lying and they can only do a few months.!

This was eventually reported to the ICO, who told VM that they had further work to do. Fast forward to 2024, it now transpires that VM sent me a letter I never have had this sent to me. It now transpires that Paul from the Manchester office sent it, no surname Just Paul!

Fast forward to 2024 and on another example of incompetence that relates to the above a employee of VM has stated to a solicitor that I renewed my contract on (date), I have now questioned this and a said VM employee has stated that I didn't renew my contract after I did another SDR which stated that I hadn't been in touch

I must stress that this was a legal document.

To get to the bottom of this complaint after complaint have been raised and I have spent the equivalent of over 3 months of working hours trying to sort this out to add another 4 hours today with another imbecile. Requests after requests for a UK based manger to contact me to explain all the above has fallen on death ears.

If there was ever a relevant comparison of mis management controlled by the top man (CEO) the situation has left me with a sour taste that has caused upmost stress and financial implications that these people think they can just walk all over there customers.

I think that Paula Vennels did something similar!


Alessandro Volta

Have you escalated the matter to the ombudsman for an independent review?

Many Thanks, Goslow. 

I have lost all faith in any quango set up by any government. 

To add to this, the whole process is VERY hard to digest, I even have all the screenshots etc. 

I want him to answer me Lutz Schüler, but like all other CEO, they have hiding places


Please come out play CEO, of imbeciles!, to send a person to near bankruptcy BUT the legislation is moved as the employees are not based in the UK, well what a shammer of contaminated soil!

BTW, I worked for a quango for over 10years in a senior manager role, funded by ?????? actual companies that have signed up to the charter! 

Children play hide and seek, CEO's take it to another level. BUT still draw down.