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Volt Package Query and complaint

Joining in

Hi there, 

The very same thing has just happened to me! We were told on January 11th 2023, by the sales agent that due to a shortage of the hub 5, we could not receive Gig1 speeds until they had sent out the new Hub5, which would take them around 6 months! We were assured that we would receive the Gig1 service, when the new router was sent to us. This was even with the contract stating that the broadband speed was M600, the same situation as yourself.

After still waiting over a year for the Hub 5 and Gig1 service to be sent/started, I finally called Virgin Media after having connectivity issues with the existing Hub 3 we already had installed. After an hour on the phone to them, and them suggesting that I could not even have the Hub 5 without upgrading to the Gig1 service (funny, because we had technically already purchased the service, by purchasing the 'Ultimate Volt Bundle' in Jan 2023) and that it was going to cost almost £100 P/M more, a figure she was very uncomfortable saying to me! I suggested to the lady on the phone that the notes should say that we were due a Hub 5 in July 2023. The lady on the phone eventually found these notes, and said they are going to send me the Hub 5 and waive the activation fee due to the inconvenience caused. I did receive the hub 5 on Feb 15th 2024.

However, I perhaps naively assumed that the Gig1 service speed will automatically come online once the Hub 5 was installed, and did not ask as to whether this would be the case over the phone to the lady. After testing the speeds multiple times, I called Virgin Media back Today, the 16th Feb 2024, to query as to why the speed remained at 600 Mbps. I was told by the lady on phone that it was not in there notes that we were due to be upgraded to the Gig1 service, and this time was quoted that it would cost around £45 P/M more to get the Gig1 service. However, I explicitly remember the sales agent saying we would have the Gig1 service, upon arrival of the Hub 5.

I find this very dishonest from Virgin Media, I questioned why we were paying the top price for the sales period in Jan/Feb 2023, and not receiving the service we had ordered! she just responded by saying it would cost more to be upgraded to Gig1. I then questioned the logic as to why Virgin Media would send a customer a Hub 5, without singing upto the Gig1 service in the first place, when they had a shortage of the Hub5, as the Hub 3 we had a that moment in time is more than capable of handling a M600 speed. She did not answer, and said she would need to speak to her supervisor and was put on hold. After speaking to her senior, she told me that I will receive a call from accounts today, I asked whether they will try and charge a price to get the Gig1 service, she said she did not know and that I would have to speak to them. I am still yet to receive this call, and after doing some research, and finding multiple instances of the same scenario,I feel very unconfident that this will in fact be resolved. 

If this is the case, this is unbelievable mis-selling and breach of contract on behalf of Virgin Media. I would understand if it were just me saying this, however, it is not and it is clearly linked to a pattern of behaviour from the sales department of Virgin Media. There is clearly a case to be answered on behalf of Virgin Media, and I find it very disheartening that thus far, it seems that they have yet to resolve any of these issues raised with them. It is appalling that they feel it is fine to mis-sell their services, and should be dealt with by Virgin Media swiftly.