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Virgin cancelled my install

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Hi, I signed up to Volt and got my O2 sim 3 weeks ago but Virgin kept putting off my installation for Tv and broadband.  I had a text asking me to call them today and although I didn’t understand the lady on the phone very well, she kept saying I had cancelled the install, which I haven’t, then she said the home owner wouldn’t let them install, but I am the home owner, then she said the engineers couldn’t do it.  I have no idea what has happened.  She sent me an email saying I had cancelled which I haven’t.  I have now got an O2 sim which is 3 times as much as my old one, which I wouldn’t have signed up to without the Virgin package, and quite frankly am still none the wiser. Can I cancel the sim without incurring charges or am I stuck with it.

i thought Sky were bad but my contact with Virgin has been abysmal, my neighbours were all interested in signing up aswell, but I will be warning them all to stay clear.


Joining in

I have been a virgin customer for over 22 years, the customer service with the retentions is very poor attitude and now moving to bt full fibre. 

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey Catsher,

Welcome to the community and thanks for taking the time to post here on the forums. I’m sorry to hear of the issues that you’re having with your install being cancelled and the information that you have been provided by the team. I can look further into this, if you'd like me to do so. Regarding your O2 sim card, please get in touch with O2, using the methods here and they will be able to advise further on your cancellation options. 

If you'd like us to look further into this for via private message, please let us know and we can send a message over to start.

Kind Regards,