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VOLT Virgin + O2 - Can I just cancel the O2 SIM?

Joining in

So recently just done the dance with Virgin Media and they offered me 1gb for £35pm + £5pm O2 SIM

Going through the process took nearly 2hrs over web chat (couldn't actually find the option when phoning up!) & they kept offering me more expensive deals without the SIM, so just bit the bullet.

However, in the T&Cs part of the chat, I was told:
Your O2 service will start as soon as you receive your SIM. You also have 14 days to cancel if you change your mind, and you’ll only have to pay for any calls or service you’ve used.

When asking if cancelling my O2 SIM would affect my Virgin price, I got:
Unfortunately, I can't guarantee you if it will not be affected as we have separate payment between VM and O2 and the discounts that I have applied is for VM package only, your O2 sim will stay as is and if you would like to make amendments, kindly contact O2

So what do you think?

If I cancel my O2 SIM, will it affect the deal I got with Virgin?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi pragg,

Thank you for your post and welcome to the community. 

With regards to cancelling your O2 sim card. 

We cannot guarantee your Virgin Media package wouldn't be affected by the disconnection. As the discounted deal you have got is in part with having the O2 sim card.