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Unwanted 02 sim - cannot cancel, and if I do cancel will this affect my VM bill?

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Can anyone help with this? 

I am getting quite frustrated phoning O2 who seemingly find it too difficult to cancel this O2 sim that I was forced to sign up for 18 months ago to get a better deal with VM.   My VM contract from then is now over and I have signed up to a new VM contract. I have no idea whether my current bill with VM is cheaper due to being forced to take out an unwanted O2 contract for a sim I never wanted. No one asked me or explained about that O2 thing this time around when discussing a new VM contract. I want to stop paying £7 per month for an O2 sim that I never wanted in the first place. 

Phoning O2 is like a lottery as to what point you will get cut off or disconnected. As the O2 sim has never been used, the fact that they cant send me a code to that mobile no. seems to completely confuse them. I have tried phoning them 4 or 5 times without any success. 

Will there be any repercussions on the VM side of things if I somehow ever manage to cancel my O2 contract, or if I simply cancel teh O2 direct debit? How do I find out? - the O2 thing is not mentioned at all in my new VM contract as far as I can see. 


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Is this question too difficult, or have I posted it in the wrong place? 

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Hi @steer 

Welcome to the community forums 

Sorry to hear of the issues you've had contacting O2 regarding an unwanted SIM. 

It can take us a few days to respond to queries depending on how busy the forum team are and the details in your post. 

If you have a Volt package ( this is indicated by a 'V' next to your broadband speed), then this means that you have an O2 SIM and a Virgin Media service registered to the same address and would have Volt benefits applied to both services. 


If you have multiple O2 SIMs registered to the same address as your Virgin Media service then these can also have Volt benefits. If you only have the one O2 SIM, then cancelling this may lose your Volt benefits in the future. You may also find that when you come to recontract that it is more expensive due to the lesser discounts available and no longer being eligible for the free speed upgrade Volt benefit, so you'd pay the standard price for your current broadband speed rather than the broadband speed below this as Volt benefits would give the free speed upgrade to the next faster speed. 

I hope that answers your queries. Please let us know if you are having any further issues or have any questions at all. We'll be here to help on the community forums if needed :). 

Here to help 🙂
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Hi Carley

I have just renegotiated my VM contract today but the 02 sim was not discussed. I have decided to cancel the O2 contract as the 18 months are up on it and I never use it. I do however have a seperate second 02 sim that I have had for a long time pre VM. Will this account ensure that the Volt benefits remain or do I have to have kept the sim I got with the VM deal 18 months ago? 


Thanks for coming back to us Herbicarnovore, you would be able to keep your Volt benefits as long as you have both Virgin Media and O2 services, if you are using the sim card as part of your deal with VM or the one you had before the VM deal.

Kind Regards,


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Could I speak with someone in regards to two queries, the O2 sim card deal with a direct debit of £5.00 of which I have never used but being charged for and to cancel the Sky Sports package I had in November 2023. I appreciate the offer but I'm looking to save money, thanks!