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Mega Volt for an existing O2 customer

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Am I reading it right that the Mega Volt package for existing O2 customers and the "standard" one are the same price (£84.99pcm) but the standard one comes with an unlimited SIM, whereas the existing-O2-customer one just... doesn't?

The existing O2 customer one says you pay VM the whole £84.99, but the standard one has £64.99 going to VM and the other £20 going to O2. I know that offer bundles come as a unit, and you don't get to do something like remove the SIM and save the whole £20, but removing the SIM and saving absolutely nothing seems, at best, counter-intuitive. At worst it's pretty shady to take extra money from a customer just because they assumed that the "existing customer offer" would be a better deal than having to look through the rest of the site.    

As my wife is already an O2 customer, I guess the best deal would be to just ignore that fact, get the package and then port her number to the bundled SIM.

 Is it correct to assume the bundled SIM is on an 18 month contract like the VM side?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there @swythan 

Thank you so much for your post and welcome to the community forums, it's great to have you back. 

We are so sorry for any confusion that you are facing with your deal. Can I ask if this is a deal shown online? Is this a new customer or existing customer offer?

The deals I'm referring too are at the links in the original post. They are for customers new to Virgin Media (but one of the two is for existing customers of O2).

When I spoke to a sales adviser about just Broadband + Phone bundles for existing O2 customers (which aren't listed on the website), I found that the Volt Gig1 bundle with landline (£52) is £17 more expensive than the Volt Gig1 bundle without landline (£25). Madness.

I gave up trying to make sense of the pricing policy and just ordered a bundle that's got a SIM in it. Now we'll have to transfer my wife's number to the new SIM, and live with the fact that it's managed under my name instead of hers. It all seems like a rather pointless amount of admin for us and VM, but presumably someone, somewhere knows the reasons.