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Contract Renewal - absolute nightmare - Mis sold Volt package

Joining in

Virgin Media emailed me today to remind me of my contract renewal so I rung them went through various deals and accepted one which required me to take out a O2 Volt contract. This was M500, o2 Sim, telephone, free upgrade to 1gb as part of the o2 Volt offer which doubles your speed and data.

Went through all the hoops for credits checks, direct debit etc,  new contract setup with O2, received paperwork via email, setup virgin media contract BUT the contract sent to me was for M350 and not M500 or the free upgraded 1GB, it was also more expensive which made no sense to me and the advisor on the phone.

After lots of back and fourth being on hold, customer advisor speaking to manager and various different departments, I was told various different contradicting information on multiple occasions. I am now a in a position where the original offer is now not available as the Virgin System recognises me as a Volt customer and the customer advisors escalation team without his knowledge cancelled my Virgin contract so he could not amend anything or help me further.

Cut a long story short nearly 4 hours later I have been told that I have to O2 to cancel my contract and I only have the option to take much more expensive options.

I am extremely disappointed and annoyed to say the least!!

Can anyone from the VM team have a look at how to fix this and honour the original deal please?
Any type of compensation would be greatly appreciated.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi zemo,

Thanks for posting and sorry to hear of the experience you've had. 

Package changes aren't something we do via this forum, however so I can get a few more details from you, I've popped you over a private message.