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02 Sim Arrears causing credit rating issues.

Joining in

As part of a VM media package on a rental property I have, a SIM was included which I never wanted and never used.  I don't live there so I didn't receive any letters saying they were moving my Sim to 02 and that I'd need to create a new Direct Debit.   Now I have an arrears on the sim and it's massively affected my credit rating.  I can't do anything online as I've never used the sim so cant be sent an sms to login or register.  They wont verify me on the phone so I have to travel into a store.   I've been in the store twice, the staff can't help.  I've spent in total 5 hours on hold, being passed to various departments and still no help. My credit rating is now SERIOUSLY affected and I have a mortgage application in 2 months.  All for a SIM that I never wanted or used. This is so stressful.  Any advice help?  Thanks