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V6 box upgrade to 360

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I have been offered an upgrade from v6 to 360. When this happens will I lose my existing recordings on my v6 box as I understand the upgrade to 360 is done through the options on the v6 


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Hi sportagegirl,

You will lose all recordings when switching to 360 because the hard drive gets reformated for the new software download.

You might need to do a search on here about any features you use because some are TiVo patented and are not available on the 360.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

@sportagegirl wrote:

I have been offered an upgrade from v6 to 360.

The move from V6 > TV360 is a complete reformat of your box's hard drive, and install of a totally new software platform which is fundamentally not TiVo.

Think of "upgrading" from Android to Apple or vice-versa and you're on the right lines. If you request a conversion, you're sent the new remote and then you follow the "upgrade now" app that's dropped into your V6 menus.

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