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Sky sports pixelation issue

Joining in


Just after some help 

My sky sports channel has a really poor picture very grainy and pixelated all other channels seem ok 

Any help or advice would be appreciated 


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Which Sky Sport channel and is it SD, HD, or UHD?


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It was SD but I was talking to VM chat and they advised I update to hd which is better but picture is still a little blurred 

I'm thinking I need an engineer

I have just bought a new TV 65 inch so appreciate needing hd but even now with hd it's not great

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Depends what issue it is you have. And which channel(s) are affected - there's 11 Sky Sports channels, all with SD & HD versions.

Pixellation is a signal fault, but trying to view SD channels (480/576) on a UHD (2160) screen is never going to end well. Perhaps post a picture of the problem you have, to this forum thread.

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thanks for the reply I spoke with VM last night and they advised HD  will sort it 

There is a fault in my area but it's something to do with itv menu  so not sure it would effect sports channel as all other channels seem ok

Hi @Mech45 

Welcome back to the community forums 

Sorry to hear of your picture issues with the Sky Sports channels. 
I'm presuming your 65inch new TV is all signing and dancing? There is a limit to upscaling which is what the TV will do to make the picture fit the full screen, which can cause some blurriness. 


Is your TV set top automatic upscaling on the resolution? 
Any issues at all on other HD channels such as BBC or TNT sports (if you have it)?

Here to help 🙂
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Hi no issues with other channels just sky sports 

Hey @Mech45,

Thanks for getting back to us, with this can you confirm have you spoken to Sky at all with regards to this?


No how can I speak to sky when I am a virgin media customer 

Surely that's virgin media's job to do that 

Morning Mech45,

Are you able to confirm what resolution your Virgin box is broadcasting at? 

To do this press the 'home' button on the remote
Next go to 'Help and Settings'
Then 'Settings'
Select 'Video Output'
It's the number next to Video Output Format.