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watching all recordings in a group on 360

Joining in

Hi, is it possible to watch all recordings in a group automatically on 360? 

This was a feature on the old system but the option seems to have disappeared? 

Or is there a quick way to play the next recorded episode please? 




Community elder

If you watch recordings that are part of a series link then when you get to the end of an episode you will see a message at the top right giving you the option to watch next episode, it sometimes appears just before the episode has finished so get ready to select the no option.

You can also press pause when you get to end and you will see an option to watch next episode.


Tuning in

We only get Keep or Delete in the top right corner. I'm lost.

Community elder

It probably depends on which channel your series link was recorded, on a series recorded on ITV 3 I don't get the option, it might be something to do with the ITVX app, on a series recorded on 5USA if I press the OK button I get the option to watch the next episode. There is a thread about it here the keep or delete option can be turned off.

Press Home > Recordings > Recorded > View All > Manage Storage > Enter your pin > Ask to delete after watching > Set to Off.