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Wall to hub cable

Joining in

Hi there

I’ve  been trying to get through to someone at VM all day but to no avail. I have had a 360 TV box today and could do with a longer cable which goes between the wall box and the new splitter I’ve had. I’ve read Virgin do a 3 metre lead but I can’t get through to anyone to ask for one. Are these leads standard coax leads that I can pick up from a diy store or are they specially designed and wired? 
Many thanks!! 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Teamholmes18 👋 Thank you for your post and welcome to the Virgin Media Community 😀

We're sorry to hear about the problems you've been having getting through to the team 😔

I can see you've spoken to an agent since you posted. Has this now been sorted out?

Please pop back to us at your earliest convenience.


Hi there

yes.. I’m just awaiting the arrival of the cable, so hopefully should all be sorted soon. Thankyou!