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Virgin 360 not picking up on tv when you switch on

Joining in

Very new to virgin ( less than 24 hours) when we turn on the tv via virgin remote it all comes on but I have to press the source button to select hdmi 1 which is virgin.  When it was first installed it did this automatically on switch on but now not at all?   When we turn it off we press tv button on virgin remote and then box power button to turn box off.  Have tried leaving box on and turning off just tv but no working 



Have you got One Power set to On in the system settings then you can power both on and off with the red power on/off button.


Thanks I’ve just found that hopefully works.  Do you know if we switch it all off at the wall at night used to with sky will that affect things in general?

Always best to leave the 360 switched on at the plug and set to fast start or active start.

The 360 will receive any updates overnight and fast start or active start is also required if you want to use the TVGO app to set recordings when you are away from home. The eco setting is basically like turning the box off at the plug, active start is the best compromise it doesn't use much more power.


Thank you very helpful