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Got a message on my v6 box I'm eligible to upgrade my V6 box to a 360 one, doing some research it's a bit like sky Q and it's my understanding that I'll loose all my recordings and series links.

Not bothered about the recordings as they'll be on catch up but I'd like to get my series links back of I can.

Is there any benefit from the upgrade apart from new ui and a voice remote?



Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

First off, this is no more an upgrade than moving from Apple to Android or vice-versa, is an upgrade. It is a conversion to a fundamentally different TV platform - hence the loss of recordings & series-links, due to the HDD reformat.

There are many pros & cons on both sides, and innumerate past threads, but as a handful of of bullet-point headlines that you've alluded to and are current...

> Disney+, AppleTV, Paramount+ are only on TV360. V6 will never see these.

> Sky Sports HD multiscreen is currently only on TV360, but is being developed for V6 - just with no timescale.

> TiVo/V6 is unmatched as a recording box, whereas TV360 is a streaming device first with recording bolted on.

> TV360 will only allow you to set series-links for programmes that are listed in the current EPG. V6 can pick one up from a single OnDemand asset or "Search & Explore" entry.

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Virgin Media Staff
Virgin Media Staff

series links can be readded manually, or add them to your watchlist and it will pick them up wherever they are (whether on live TV, or in on demand or in apps).

The main benefit is that 360 is being constantly improved and gets all the new content and apps. V6 isnt receiving any updates or new content or apps.  As Japitts said, Disney+, AppleTV+, Paramount+ (all the plusses) plus Sky Sports+ are going to be 360 only. 

On our wavelength

Must admit I can't see any, search other threads for a long list of things it won't do !