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Unknown Netflix Account on TV Box

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For the last 2 months I have been charged for Netflix on my bill. I discovered after the first month my ex had left his account logged in on the TV, so accepted that, and simply logged out of the account. I called a week later and customer services confirmed I did not have Netflix linked to me account and I wouldn’t be charged. So I was surprised when this month I was billed again. This time when I checked the Netflix App there was another random account showing on there. See picture. This is not me or anyone I know. I do not have nor have ever had a Netflix account in my name. I have even checked this with Netflix they have no account linked to my email address. I called Customer Services on Saturday and Netflix has apparently now been removed from the account by them and they’ve said I shouldn’t be billed. However they said last month when I called. Any idea how I can get this profile removed? As I’m trying to ensure this doesn’t happen again next month.  I can’t log out of it on the box as it’s protected by a PIN number. I’m a bit miffed as have been charged this month for Netflix Services I have not registered for. So I want to ensure this does not happen again. Thanks in advance.




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I got no where with telephone customer services. They didn’t seem to understand that not only was the account on screen not mine but that it wasn’t me who had linked it to my virgin media account. Going to try and call them again tomorrow to get the extra amount they charged me last month refunded. Not holding my breath. 

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I’ve just had my latest Virgin bill & what a surprise I’ve been charged for Netflix again. It’s exhausting phoning every month (6 months now) explaining the story to someone different & getting nowhere. It’s comforting knowing it’s not just me to be honest - I’ll be mentioning this next time because honestly sometimes customer service make me feel I’m talking nonsense. Virgin need to sort this out. 

Hi @LouB13,

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I'm so sorry to hear that there appears to be a Netflix account logged into your box that you're unfamiliar with. I'm going to send you a private message in a few moments to investigate further, so please respond to this when you can and we'll proceed from there.


Zach - Forum Team
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I’m having the same issue with a foreign account I’ve called customers service multiple times with no help. All I was told was to contact netflix however this did not resolve my issue. An italian account holder with an unknown email address 



It seems to be a widespread issue with Netflix - not just for those on VirginMedia.

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