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TNT ultimate picture and sound skipping

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First game of the season and picture judder and sound outages are back with a vengeance.  It only on Ultimate,  same as all the posts last season. When it was called BT.

The only 4K atmos channel in my package and its unwatchable.  

Please don't welcome me to the forum and apologise,  then ask questions I answered numerous time last season. Go back to the issues and resolve or come back with an answere when it will be or you can't.  




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Hello, I'm here because I have the issue also I have a high end oled TV and a home theater system, the system can play high quality 4k HDR with no problems but with tnt 4k HDR it was terrible to watch stuttering and the audio sync was out , is it a issue with the virgin box not being able to deal with the high quality? 

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Yes i too have a "high end" LG OLED which has been calibrated and the picture was shocking LG have 6 modes to choose from in HDR/HLG mode and not one of them helped the picture , way to bright and uncomfortable to watch. I to wondered if the box can handle the picture but when i watch other HDR/HLG on Youtube etc the picture looks fine 


Hi I had this issue too, what I can say it’s TNT’s fault, I checked on X (Twitter) and others from Sky had this issue and the audio was out of sync as well.

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Yep same here the TNT ultimate HD is stuttering sporadically and audio cuts out for a second when watching live footy Man City v Newcastle. 

Yes - happening to me too. No point ringing up a call centre in India to be told that it’s a problem at my end then asking me to restart the box and cross my fingers.

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Same issue experienced. Shocking 

Watching on 527 because of the sound, also noted that Dolby Atmos wasn't showing on the soundbar.

It will be a TNT broadcast problem.


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Very Insightful Person

I posted in the other thread < here>  regarding the same issue.

"I've noticed the sound dropping out recently, including tonight.  My 360 Audio Output was set to follow Content, I changed it to PCM5.1 (HDMI only) at half time, and had no further drop outs."

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I too am having this issue, it's so annoying, it's constant at times. They don't seem interested in fixing.