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Pixelation of TV and Recordings Wiped

Joining in

Good afternoon

I have recently been experiencing issues with my TV 360 box with the signal breaking up on different channels.

Before the recordings wiped themselves this was also visible on the recordings too.


I have noticed it more on BBC One as well.

I had previously rang and spoke to someone, this issue was escalated to the second line team and made some sort of a remote change which seemed to work for a bit.

I have not had a chance to come back to Virgin Media, but this has been happening for a little while.

VM Forum Staff, please could someone get in touch to arrange for an engineer to visit, to check my levels and also replace the box as well (as far as I recall I wasn't close to the storage limit on my box, so I do not think it was that)?


Kind regards

Emma Edwards


Forum Team
Forum Team

Morning EmmaEdwards 😊

Thanks for posting this on our Community Forums, I am sorry you're dealing with this TV issue at the moment!

I understand you're seeing pixilation on certain channels, especially BBC One. Your recordings have been erased too without your input. You have spoken to our Faults Team previously but the issue always seems to reoccur, you're now looking to get a technician to visit. 

Before I book a technician for you, I just need to check your TV Services on my side. Could you please turn your TV box(s) on so they communicate with our network? This will allow me to take a look at everything and decide on the best course of action 🤗

Please let me know once you've done this and we'll continue from there.



Hi Megan


I hope you are well.

My apologies, I must've missed an email to say this had been responded to.


The equipment has been on over the weekend, is that sufficient or does it need to be turned on again?


Kind regards


Hi @EmmaEdwards 

Can you ensure the TV box is left on for us and let us know when you've done it? We'd need to run full diagnostics :).

Best wishes.

Forum Team

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Joining in

Hi John


Apologies for the delay, the box is currently on.

Hi Emma,

Thank you for advising the box was on when you last posted, we have had a look and it does appear not to be on at the moment, can you please make sure3 the box is turned on now so we can run further checks.